Depending in Christ Alone

“At times God puts us through the discipline of darkness to teach us to heed Him. Song birds are taught to sing in the dark, and we are put into the shadow of God’s hand until we learn to hear Him.” – Oswald Chambers

Men of God

“Give me one hundred men who fear nothing but sin and desire nothing but God, and I care not whether they be clergyman or laymen, they alone will shake the gates of Hell and set up the kingdom of Heaven upon the earth.”
– John Wesley

Where Transformation Begins.

“The man who mobilizes the Christian church to pray will make the greatest contribution to world evangelization in history.” –  Andrew Murray

A Fathers Love

“I do solemnly resolve before God to take full responsibility for myself, my wife, and my children. I WILL love them, protect them, serve them, and teach them the Word of God as the spiritual leader of my home. I WILL be faithful to my wife, to love and honor her, and be willing to lay down my life for her as Jesus Christ did for me. I WILL bless my children and teach them to love God with all of their hearts, all of their minds, and all of their strength.” – From the Movie Courageous

The Need for Ministry Mentoring


Pastors report working between 55 to 75 hours per week.


Do not have someone they consider a close friend.


Ministers starting out will not last 5 years


Confess having involved in inappropriate sexual behavior with someone in the church.

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